Piyush Kancharlawar

Software Engineer

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About Me

I am a motivated student who likes solving challenging problems and learning new skills. A spirit of creativity and a drive to continually improve my work are my defining traits. Additionally, I have experience working on a team under tight deadlines.



Software Engineering Intern

  • Worked with host to transform a previous hackathon project into a production ready tool
  • Conducted customer interviews to reinforce direction of feature development and generate new ideas
  • Utilized Java, Angular Dart, SQL, and various internal frameworks

Ballpoint Consulting Group


  • Co-Founded a web design and software development company
  • Lead a team of developers to create website designs for multiple clients using Agile scrum methodology

Northstar Technologies


  • Devised and implemented a strategy for adding unified usage tracking and reporting for over 1,400 instances of their core products by combining Google Analytics and custom software
  • Worked with product lead to identify and fix UX problems which lead to a 5% faster onboarding
  • Utilized Java, Javascript, HTML, SQL and JQuery

Tier 4 Advisors


  • Developed an interface to allow company leadership to track and report progress on Key Performance Indices which allowed them to pivot strategies in real time and achieve sales goals
  • Implemented SEO techniques that resulted in a higher search ranking for all core product offerings
  • Built with an Angular Dart and Firebase


Georgia Institute of Technology

2017 - Present

B.S. Computer Science

George Walton Comprehensive High School


Honor Student

Georgia Govenor's Honors Program


Computer Science

Attended prestigious summer program run by the State of Georgia


Walton Robotics Team

Co-Chief Engineer2016-2017

  • Coordinated activities between design, build, and programming
  • FIRST Robotics World Championship Carver Division Finalist

Programming Lead2015-2016

  • Led programming sub-team
  • State Championship Winner



Coordinated the first TED talk at George Walton High School


KPI Dashboard

I worked with another intern to develop create a Dashboard for companies to track their monthly progress on Key Performance Indices set by their business plan. The web application is written in Angular Dart and has a Firebase backend. It tracks the progress yearly and has summary and data entry features. My plan is to add more features to make the app more versatile.

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Personal Website

A website hosted on github pages to showcase my work experiences and allow me to develop my web developement skills. The website currently uses javascript with jquery. I used a template as my starting point and made modifications as I learned how. My next goal is to switch over to ReactJS and include more interactive elements.

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FRC Robot Code

Robot code for Walton High School's FIRST Robotics team. I implemented many features that decreased the necessity of skill by the human drivers by increasing the autonomous capabilities of the robot. This included camera tracking and motion control with sensor feedback.

2016 Robot code
2015 Robot code
Offseason Robot code


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